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Updating my Commission Info for clarity's sake.

Commissions are now broken into 3 types.  Character, Character Design, and Graphic Design.

Please note I will only be taking payments through paypal



8$ (Additional characters 2$ each)
X-mas Chibis by NinjaLemon Devid by NinjaLemon Adventure Time DevID by NinjaLemonCommission: Rulo by NinjaLemon


12$ (Additional character 3$ each)

Unrestrained by NinjaLemon Farewell to Innocence... by NinjaLemon


16$ (Additional characters 3$ each)

Hands off by NinjaLemon The Commandant by NinjaLemon Master of Mischief by NinjaLemon Of Flame and Hail... by NinjaLemon

••••Full Body••••

20$ (Additional character 5$ each)

Archivists by NinjaLemon Villain Design Set 1 by NinjaLemon HM-Staff: San by NinjaLemonRobot High Designs by NinjaLemonTo the death... by NinjaLemon


Chibi 4$
Bust 8$
Full Body16$

The Mischief Maker and ....The Hair? by NinjaLemonSuper Dump by NinjaLemonIdeation Project 1 by NinjaLemonThe Harbingers of Madness(WIP) by NinjaLemonLike a sir... by NinjaLemon Modern Lacuna by NinjaLemon


Simple, one color or gradient background Free

Specific color configurations, simple background 2$

Complex Background 6$
Lacuna's Lab by NinjaLemonPerspective Practice by NinjaLemon


Any particular configurations should be specified.
Choice between Soft shading and Cell/Simple Shading.
Things like perspective or stylistic choices should be discussed in a note!

••••What I can draw!!••••

•Anthro/Furries(with a bit of difficulty)
•Some fantasy creatures/monsters
•Realistic (in terms of anatomy)
•(Again, note me on any particular style choices, who knows I may be able to do it!)

••••What I will not!••••

•Explicit/Pornography, however I have no problem with nudity on its own

••••What to do!••••

Please note me with the following.

1. Commission Type
2. Number of Characters
3. References!! (If you lack suitable images, a detailed description of the character!)
4.  Any Specifics! (These include perspective, color choice, stylistic choices, poses, and anything else you might deem important!)
5. Your paypal email, so I know who sent what!

•What happens next?•

I will reply if I accept the commission and will send you my paypal account.
Work will begin after the payment has been received.
I will send a preliminary sketch, decide then if any major changes need to be made.
After completion you are allowed some minor changes(things like color) 

••••••Character Design••••••

Have you ever wanted to create a character that you have dreamed of but just couldn't quite him/her on the paper?  Or maybe you have created the character but you just want them to pop more?  Or maybe you just want a new look for them? Look no further!

Price: 40$ (Highly subject to change)

The process is broken down into steps.

1. Consultation Stage

I will contact you via Skype or other instant messenger and we will discuss at length just exactly what it is you desire out of the character.  We will start with the basic physical descriptions, personality traits, history and so forth.  Then we will talk about theming.  What type of world does this character belong to?  How do the elements of the world affect the character's appearance? Is there an overall theme you want to convey with the character?  During this stage it is important to get as much info as possible, the more the better.  We will also discuss the style in which you want the character to be.  I wish to clarify that this isn't an adoptable in the traditional sense.  Everything about the character is yours, I am merely the pen that helps draw it.  I will certainly give my input for design touches and things of that nature, but I don't wish to change the history or narrative of the character.  After I have received all of the necessary information then comes the fun part.

2.  Designing Stage

Potentially the longest stage.  I will prepare numerous sketches of various designs based on the information given during the previous stage and show them to you for review.  We will then discuss which among the designs you like if any or even what parts from some that you like.  We use this chance to hone in on the look of your character.  Once you have picked the design that you feel the best about I will do a Silhouette Test.

Like this here:
Silhouette 02 by NinjaLemon

This is to see if the design of the character flows well and that the character is instantly recognizable and powerful with very little visual information.  If I feel that the design is flowing strangely or lacks punch I will give my input on possible changes to help the design along.  Please note that these are merely suggestions and if you feel that the design is fine it will be left unchanged.

3.  Character Package

The final stage.  Which is in itself broken into smaller stages.

      -Character Breakdown-
I will construct a basic breakdown of the character. Think a "how-to-draw" sheet but much more detailed.  I will break down the character into his basic forms and shapes and give info on how best to build the character from the ground-up.  This is not only a helpful tool for consistency with the character but can also be valuable to other artist who may want to draw the character.

      -Turnaround Sheet-
As in:
Lacuna Lazarus Turnaround by NinjaLemon Mitch Turnaround by NinjaLemonEmilio Turnaround by NinjaLemon

Consists of a standard 4-point turnaround with a Front, Back, Side, and 3/4 view.  This will also include a height ref via how many head tall the character is. 

     -Emotion Sheet-
Lacuna Emotion Practice by NinjaLemon

As it says on the tin, it is an emotion sheet for the character.  This will include several full body gestures.  Extremely useful to establish the personality of the character and how they carry themselves.

     -Final Image-
Villain Design Set 1 by NinjaLemon

The final stage.  Here is where is we really zero in on a very important thing.  Color. I will provide numerous color palettes, based on your visions and several other schemes that I think will suit the character well. Then I hand over everything and voila!

After that you are free to do with the character what you please, even for commercial profit.  The design and the character belong to you, so feel free to make changes or what have you.  However I retain the rights to the original artwork done.  You are free to use the art for personal use (so long as credit is given) but You may NOT make any monetary profit from my artwork   Lemme emphasize that.  Do Not Sell the Original Artwork 

••••••Graphic Design••••••

Pricing is dependent on workload and complexity of design.  Will discuss details with you via Skype or Instant Messaging.
Price range will range from $10-20.  I would be happy to post images sadly all of my recent graphic design work has been made directly for my work at Capo Demont and thus I cannot post them here.



Patrick Patchen
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Freelancer, Illustrator and Concept Artist extraordinaire with a heavy emphasis on style and motion. Character design is my greatest passion with a particular fondness of female characters. When in doubt, style it out.

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